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At the base of the tree of freedom reside two core principles of a strong Nation - Liberty and Personal Responsibility.

Liberty is the single word that drives our movement and our defined brand of Conservatism. There are vast differences from this core principle and the modern execution of the duties bestowed upon our Representatives in this Constitutional Republic.
Many of the following statements will seem provocative, even alien. We as a people have strayed so far from this principle it seems like a desert mirage - it is more myth than reality. In fact, it is the well in which true freedom springs.

Imagine for a moment, if possible, a truly Free life. For some that may invoke fear. That is natural. Fear is the weapon that has been used over generations to suppress Liberty. Fear is what is being wielded today to enforce unconstitutional mandates. Conservative awareness (being WOKE for all you Liberals out there) should begin and end with Liberty.
Should any of us wonder why that statue atop Ellis Island is named such? It is there for this very purpose - So that the first sight of those coming here should see something so grand and ask What is this? What has compelled them to create such a monument? What principle inspires such greatness?
The unalienable Right of all persons to choose their own tragectory in Life. For each individual to accept responsibility for those actions undertaken by their hands and all decisions made in their interactions with the world.

Almost seems alien doesnt it?
Generations have allowed the slow erosion of Liberty for the false promises of The Few. The only guarantee in Life is Death, all other promises are false. Life is the foremost unalienable Right expressed in the Declaration of Independence. You should have the Right to live and the Right to die. Every day you make those decisions that enhance or degrade your perception of the world around you. No person can guarantee your life will be there a second longer than your fate has allowed. Therefore all promises meant to sustain your life and mitigating those risks associated with the passing of time are completely false. They are a trap layed to ensnare your production of value given to the whole so that The Few may benefit.
The application of Liberty slowly rebuilds the broken individual, strengthens the foundation of the Nation, provides access to goods created and delivered by Free people, and ultimately provides a better Life for those pursuing Happiness.

Principles of Modern ReLiberation
ReLiberation begins with the destruction of Government Debt and transitions seemlessly to unnecessary government bureaucracies, Welfare , Medicare, Social Security or any other policy gifting unearned sustenance to those unable to provide for themselves. It is followed by Charity, which is solely governed by individual choice.

Herein lies the Great Roadblock to Conservative principles - the perception of heartlessness.
However, the Liberal demonization of Conservatism does not account for strong ties to Charity which by its very definition is the Voluntary transfer of goods to those in need. Charity allows for decentralized assistance and exposure to the current condition of the Nation.

Allow us to propose the benefits of ReLiberation by first examining those modern politcal Entitlements and why we feel they should be abandoned.
Government Debt
This concept is as old as the Republic and has been the primary cause of erosion of freedom throught the world.
Taxes are necessary to provide for the common defense and ensuring domestic tranquility.
We feel that that the accumation of debt should be finite and solely attributed to actions that ensure the existance of the Nation.
Within the acceptable accrual of taxes the government should be limited to expenditures that do not exceed income.
American excesses of government waste are a disgusting abomination - clearly illustrated in the following practice: The signing of Legislation with multiple pens. The cost of which is unknown to us but we would fathom a guess that in one sitting the government can waste $1000 or more. This article is a good one on the subject.
Liberty tells us if you want a pen - buy one. If there is a demand by the sponsors of legislation to have a momento then prior to the signing they should pay, from their own income, for said keepsake. If an American company wishes to provide free pens they have that right. The government shouldn't endorse one pen company over the other. The company can disclose that they made their pens available, but no more.
In the end the net expense to The People should be as low as possible.
Without restrictions Government Pork will lead to the destruction of the farm.
Social Security
By its very nature this policy is a Ponzi Scheme and thus should be considered unconstitutional.
The Government instituted this tax on income in order to redistribute it to the elderly that have "no means of support".
However, there are core flaws. There is no means testing. The contribution level is capped ($142,800). The program is borrowed against.
Before all this lies the fact that it goes against the foundational priciple of Liberty. By its very existance it disincentivises preparation for retirement and fiscal responsibility.
Why should you fund the retirement of your neighbor that may have chosen to live in debt while enjoying a bigger house, nicer cars, dining out, etc.?
Liberty allows us to chose what is important to US - living in the now or preparing for the future.
Healthcare is not a Right.
Health begins with freely chosing what we consume, based on what we have means to provide. Disease and Death are a natural phenomenon. Medical treatment cannot be coerced. It is a service that must be acquired by the individual at the time of need.
Insurance is an effective way to ensure a robust healthcare commodity within the marketplace. Individuals retain the choice not to maintain insurance. This is a gamble of assets against liabilities. It is also a gamble of access to early treatment against long term disability and death.
Free Market priciples should be applied as a standard. If available funding allows the government should prioritize establishing resources for healthcare to those that do not have the means. This should be limited soley to Citizens.
Providing housing, food, water and other essentials is antithetical to Liberty. It is a disincentive to labor and creates a dependant class. The latter is the very reason it exists. A Dependant Class needs The Few. No other person NEEDS a non-familiar adult dependant except for those whose role it is to redistribute the assets that allow for their existance.

The Liberty Conversation

What is Liberty?
Liberty is a island called Life.
Who wants to live on an island?
Those that have a belief in themselves that they can best determine the course of their life.
Isn't that lonely?
Only if you assume that there are no other islands with no other people. But here there are many islands with many people. We choose who to build bridges to or who to distance ourselves from.
We cannot always make that choice.
You are correct. Some are born to large families on islands with great resources. Others may have little resources and small families. Still countless others are abandoned and cast out to sea. There will always be inequity in birth.
So equity is unobtainable through Liberty?
Life itself as we understand it has determined that Equality is unobtainable.
That seems unfair.
Show me that force of nature that is fair. Is fire fair when it burns your home or only when it cooks your food? Is water fair when it carries an unseen killer into your guts or only when it sustains your crops? Is the earth fair when it brings down mountains on your home or only when lies steady for your needs? Is the air fair when a tornado destroys or only when it allows you to breathe?
Equality isnt an element it is an ideal.
Your very DNA, your fingerprints, your individual uniqueness proves that Equality is a lie. Not a Myth, but a Lie. Myths can be proven or debunked - but lies have always been false since they were constructed. No two individuals can ever be equal. Even in birth there is inequality as only one twin can be first.
So how does Equality apply to Liberty?
Just as Equality is the Great Lie, Equity is the Great Truth. To get to the Truth we must define and avoid the lies. If we define Equity as the state, quality or ideal of being just, impartial and fair then we must realize that this may occur only when all parties perceive they are being treated equally under the law. In order for Equity to flourish we must remove all applications that create a perception of unfairness.
That seems impossible.
Therein lies the struggle. Since time immemorial inequities have been suffered. We must work together by finding common ground and we believe that Liberty is the most sustainable path to that promised land.
Under the principles of Liberty an individual must work to amass wealth and make sound decisions in order to keep it. A responsible individual will understand and explain all the losses and gains in their life. They will not blame others for their shortcomings or for cruel twists of fate. They will not fear failure. They will not loathe success. They will come to respect others for their talents as their lives are enriched as a result. They may also discover talents of their own. The belief that their hard work and good decisions may lead to their success energizes them to provide more goods and services to market. The intolerance of lawlessness will strengten communities and create a happy and productive society.
None of this happens under a controlling bureaucracy that picks winners and losers.
I see.
Now you must Do. You must Take Action. You must Sow so that you may Reap!

Definitions and Distinctions

The Few=Those that have chosen to persue a life antithetical to our core principles in order to make decisions for others.

Happiness=A purely mental construct allowing joy to be be experienced.

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