Posted on January 20, 2021 at 1:00pm

Good Afternoon from the Resistance HQ in the beautiful South East WarrEn Reserve SEWER

Having been forced underground we Free People of America will continue the legacy of the American Way into the future.

Our stated goal is the LEGAL and PEACEFUL resistance to the CORRUPT LIBERAL POLITICAL MACHINE.

We are to CONVINCE others that may see life differently but we are all part of the fabric of this nation and to remain a Soveriegn Nation we must adhere to the Constitution above all other laws, edicts, mandates, or dogma.

To circumvent this system is Treason. We are not here to change the SYSTEM of GOVERNMENT. We are here to change out the INDIVIDUALS in office whose actions are antithetical to the Constitution.


All humans are endowed with inalienable Rights.
The Bill of Rights is clear and must be protected at all costs and by any means.

LIBERTY is the Goal.
Liberty is the solution to many of our current problems. The removal of unnecessary laws and taxes will free us all and build a better society on the bedrock of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. The end of Medicare, Social Security, and all other social welfare programs will require that all individuals make responsible decisions and accept the outcome of those decisions.

The Right to Life and the Right to Die
Conservatives must rectify the dueling nature of Abortion and the Death Penalty, two arguments that are currently held in opposition to the core principles of each other. We believe that abortion is a right to the point of fetal viability outside of the womb. Late term abortion is an abhorrant practice which should be illegal. The Death Penalty is legally expensive and immoral. Those wrongfully accused are given an arbitrary end date to their fight for justice. The natural ebb and flow of life should not be iterrupted. Those convicted of Capital Crimes should be denied life saving medication and surguries. They should be given the Right to Die if they choose, based on their acknowledgement of guilt. Suicide prevention for the convicted is immoral.

We are provided freedoms OF, not freedoms FROM.
We can choose which religion we follow. We can not restrict the religious gatherings, services, or messages of any religious group. We can chose not to LISTEN but we cannot chose what is said and what we HEAR.

Police and Political interference in the prevention and prosecution of violent acts is a crime by officials that issue stand down orders that allow such acts to occur.

Marriage and Civil Unions are not the same
We believe that legal protections and benefits between two individuals should be equal. However, the institution of marriage is certified and approved by religious institutions. Those institutions have the right to reject such certification if it is antithetical to the teachings they follow.

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