Posted on January 24, 2021 at 9:00am

Nationalism: Knowing the Argument
In this post we are going to make clear for all the world our position on Nationalism and how this has become the new Leftist call out to shut down Conservatives. It is OK for you to identify as a Nationalist as it pertains to one that loves their nation. You should have pride in that regardless of your ethnicity. America is a nation of immigrants so there are many different cultural and racial groups that are true America Loving Patriots or in simpler terms - Nationalists.
devotion and loyalty to one's own country

What is a Nation?
We would hope that all persons living in an area defined as a country would be devoted to and have loyalty towards that nation. Those people would work and create to sustain the nation in the manner of their chosing. It is a primary ask. If you do not like the environment you are in, the choice is to work to improve it or join another group of people that have your same aspirations in mind. However we have created an entire class of those who are opposed to Work. They are allowed to reap the benefit without ever having to sow. This is unnatural and we are witnessing its death spiral.
What do Liberals want?
Today Liberals hate Nationalism because they hate this Free Nation and yearn for Communism. They want something they have not made. Therefore they are trying to take it from the makers. This is the popularity of Socialism! A Dependant Class tied to the Nanny State calls to their masters in Big Government to redistribute what they are unwilling to create on their own. The Elitist is there to decide who gets what. This strategy is doomed to fall apart because their base is not accustomed to making. It is why the Vikings aren't around anymore. Plundering only gets you so far. People will grow wise and start making products and political arrangements to protect themselves from you! At some point you have to make and create products people depend on, those products need to last, and the consumption must be made on free market principles. Otherwise you get what we have now - a select few using power to coerce the makers to provide for the takers. How will they do it?

The Great Shaming
We have established that Liberals hate Nationalists. Now the Liberal must shame us. The hottest political shaming tool is Racism so of course Liberals would apply this concept directly and with arguably some effect. If you are a Nationalist and you are of the Caucasian Race then you are automatically a WHITE NATIONALIST. Let me say that true white nationalists are scum (in our opinion) and luckily their numbers are few.

What is a White Nationalist?
A White Nationalist is a Racist in the truest form. Their goals are to have a nation made completely of Caucasians. It doesn't really matter what you think or what you produce or the content of your character - the primary prerequisite of citizenship is race. Pretty stupid to most Conservatives but some people do think this way. We don't waste time and effort trying to end this train of thought. It is by its own definition too stupid to take hold and impossible to implement in our Global society. It will live in the shadows amongst those that have felt wronged in some way by an entire race of people. But the concept is absurd in a country like America where untold millions have gathered in spite of their differences.
The closest known state to achieving this is Russia. Its non white population is ZERO PERCENT. While it has ethinic minorities, its Racial Minorities are ZERO.
So is this you? Would you tolerate being labeled a White Nationalist? We do not!

White Nationalism and the MSM
The Liberal MSM and their hatred for conservatism is clear. Any Christian, Fiscal, or in our case Fanatic Conservative who is Caucasian is labeled as a racist in order to curb the rise of what they fear the most: Nationalism. Our Nation is stronger when our goal is to Make America Great (Again or Just For Now) for all citizens. To make sure that all of our citizens have EQUAL protection under the law and that our Liberty is not undermined by those seeking Power.
So why is the MSM constantly at it with this Narrative?
Simply: It is because a hatred for this country exists within Liberal Culture. It is so intertwined into the Liberal mindset that all thought is trained on the destruction of the nation. Why else would you hate Nationalists? But is it really the Nationalists they hate? It is deeper than that. Freedom and Liberty are the truly abhorrent ideals of the Liberals Nightmares. Their goals are to have a nation of Slaves just like the Democrats of the Plantation South. What stands in their way? The Bill of Rights. Libertarians and Conservatives. So who are they demonizing today?

Thank you we will have more on this subject in the days to come!

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