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by FCOTUS Schramm

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 1:00pm

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The Crime of Treason is now complete. Theft and Disenfranchisement have occurred. We are in opposition to the current administration and seek the LEGAL and PEACEFUL end to an illegitamate regime.

We are using this platform to engage and inform Americans how they can change a corrupt system and restore lawful governance to the Free People of the United States and by our example the Free World.

We look forward to engaging with you to further our political goals and seeing Freedom and Liberty return to the Nation.

Posted January 20, 2021 at 1:05pm

Response to the expressed agenda of Prisoner in Chief Biden
1. 100 Days of Masks
Wear a mask if you want to, just like the President, who doesn't feel it is necessary to follow his own edicts. Masks are somewhat effective but what that percentage depends on if sick people are present, windage, viral load of expelled material, etc.
Our position is A) it is up to the individual when outdoors, B) it is up to business owners when to require them indoors. Simple.

2. Rejoin WHO
Another brainless idea from Zombie Joe. The WHO who exponentially worsened this pandemic by listening to China rather than verifying (which is their mission).
Our position is the WHO should be completely defunded due to their failures.

3. Climate Change
No longer Global Warming this hobble on the American economy is not based on Science it is based on hatred of American Exceptionalism. Carbon spewers like China are ignorred while oppressive regulations are placed on our businesses.
Our position is Climate Change is part of a plan for mass redistribution of our wealth.

4. Ending the Keystone Pipeline
Having already lost his union base it is no wonder that the loss of good paying jobs in the middle of a pandemic doesn't register with Biden or his handlers. Oil is the lifeblood of the world economy right now. Canada and Mexico should be the primary sources of our foriegn oil when needed. Great job angering a strategic partner on your first day.
Our position is Green Energy has technological and environmental challenges that have yet to be overcome. All things have positives and negatives. It is imperative that we are not destroying opportunity in order to force a technology that isnt ready to take over yet. Green should not be subsidized. It should be refined until it is economically viable on its own.

5. Immigration
This category will be lengthy.
Ending the Muslim Ban was as easy as calling CNN and telling them that the new narrative is that allowing travel from any country with a history of harboring terrorists is still a bad idea. Of course if Biden was to be so lucky as to get attacked from Muslim extremists he would have his War to Start.
Our position is all current restrictions on travel should be kept in place due to the pandemic and reviewed at a time that international travel is encouraged.
Once again, with a Democrat in office, a migrant caravan seeking the promise of free food and housing are walking to the border. We cannot have hoards showing up at the gates and demanding entrance or anything else.
Our position is the President should make very clear there is an immigration process which during these times must be followed to the letter.
Border security is part of a larger plan of National Soveriegnty that the Democrats oppose. If you are not seeing the pattern of destruction yet we don't know what will make it clearer.
Our position is the wall is necessary in these times of drug and human trafficing.
Biden will again be pushing the DACA program that was meant for one set of illegal migrant children. Now it will be expanded to all, even when they cross the border only hours before. Funds, already in short supply, are going to be redirected from established American Minority communities.
Our position is DACA is a burden on the system and negatively affects established communities of color the most. Biden has ordered the release of individuals detained by ICE regardless of their record.
Our position is this pattern of lawlessness runs throughout Democratic Party policy. They are the party of criminals and this is yet another example.
Biden wants a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
Our position is that criminals can never be citizens. Period. If you break the law during your stay here, or are convicted in your home country while awaiting approval your application will be denied. By definition those that infiltrated this country without undergoing established vetting have broken the law and therefore are no longer eligable.

6. Student Debt
Biden is proposing a deferment but has campaigned on forgiveness.
Our position is all individuals that borrow money should pay it back per their contracts. If the student loan crisis is a financial security issue then the first place the government should look is to the colleges and universities that strapped this debt on to students to begin with. The American People should demand that all endowments be liquidated against this debt before any forgiveness takes place.

7. Housing Foreclosures
We feel that Biden is correct in continuing to ensure people can stay in their current residence during this pandemic.
Our position is that this policy, like almost all other government actions is short sighted and will be part of the upcoming housing bubble. Rental properties are often owned by other citizens who cannot keep all of their properties current when payments stop. There has been no policy to ensure that a percentage of a residents income is spent specifically towards rents. Under current policy they can decide not to pay with no consequence. This is the beginning of the Greatest Depression.

Posted on January 20, 2021 at 9:00pm

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Posted on January 21, 2021 at 6:00am

Prisoner Biden signing blank pages. Deep Fake or Pantomime?

Prisoner Biden mumbling Salute the Marines then not saluting. Demetia on full display. When will the MSM call on invoking the 25th Amendment?

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